5 Random Acts of Kindness to Brighten Someone’s Day

February 17 has been designated as Random Act of Kindness Day or #RAKDay, and is receiving increasing attention as a day that we think about others and show them through small gestures of kindness.

Today, U Matter Consulting, Counseling, and Clinical Supervision wanted to provide you with 5 Random Acts of Kindness you could to brighten someones day, today…..

1. Text a friend(s) some positive words of encouragement

2. Invite a friend/family member/co-worker to lunch or dinner

3. Give someone a hug

4. Smile and Say Hello to people you encounter througout the day.

5. Send/Call/Text “Thank You” notes to individuals who have inspired you and/or made a difference in your life.

Lets show Kindness and Made a Difference in the Lives of Others, each and every day!

Welcome to U Matter Consulting and Counseling, LLC

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